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Posted: February 25, 2014
By: Dr Christopher Tabick

by Rachel Isaacson


Dr. Christopher Tabick  has been helping patients find their way back to  wellness ever since he opened his Brooklyn, New York practice in 1998. His demeanor is  characterized by a trademark compassion and respect for his patients who are largely comprised of an orthodox Jewish population, amid other sectors of society.  Dr. Tabick  works closely with many infants and children as well as  adults.  He sees over  two hundred patients a week, and has numbered approximately 175,000 patient visits in his busy practice over the past 16 years.

     Dr. Tabick still  recalls his first patient who would secure him a bedrock position within the Jewish community,  referring patients to  him  as  the Specific Chiropractic practitioner who  safeguards his patients' health  while sparing  them from high risk procedures like spinal surgery. Rabbi Lazer Hager, a well-known patient advocate and  medical liaison who volunteers at Mount Sinai Medical Center and Columbia University (formerly Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center),  happened to pass  Dr. Tabick's  office, and noticed Dr. Tabick's overhang  awning which declared the legend , "Improving your quality of life"

     Rabbi Lazer Hager  entered Dr. Tabick's  office,  filled out his name and beeper number on the welcome form and told Dr. Tabick, without disclosing the nature of his ailment,  to "improve my quality of life as the sign says."  After three months of treatment, Rabbi  Hager  routinely arrived at the office, but this time he finally revealed to the surprised Dr. Tabick, "Thank you, I had back surgery scheduled and I just went to my doctors who took the pre-surgical MRI's.  They were astonished, and told me that I no longer needed those surgeries. Dr. Tabick, you have improved my quality of life." Rabbi Lazer Hager  began referring patients to Dr. Tabick, and the rest, as they say, is history.

    Dr. Tabick  is also frequently visited by  overseas patients from Canada,  Israel, England, Argentina and Italy,  who specifically arrive to the U.S. to receive  treatment from him, for were advised to do so by family members.

    As one of a select handful of students to have personally been trained by the pioneering master of Specific Chiropractic, Dr. Michael U. Kale,  the former student, Dr. Christopher Tabick,  has  subsequently evolved into a teacher. Dr. Tabick has trained and certified hundreds doctors in the U.S. , Europe and Isreal

     Dr. Tabick's  unprecedented successes bolster his claims of Brain Stem Chiropractic.  Among  his patients' rewarding outcomes was Surie*,  a young twenty-four-old married woman, whose  poignant plight moved Dr. Tabick. Surie was suffering infertility problems, and was on the cusp of separation from her husband, assuming that that her inability to bear children was a hopeless situation.  

    " Concerned individuals who had dealt with this couple were ready to confer with a rabbi for the purpose of  discussing the couple's  separation and probable divorce, because of those issues." Dr Tabick recounts,  "They had spoken to Surie's doctors who were not encouraging about her prospects for having children.  So they asked me  if there was any possibility for her to be able to have children,  prior to seeing the Rabbi." Dr. Tabick  firmly states, " I didn't give my consent for them to separate  that day, and I never will." 

     After he assessed her case,  Surie was encouraged, following Dr. Tabick's  assurance that her issues would resolve with the Brain Stem decompression methods, and that she would bear children.  Six years later, Surie has since  given birth to four healthy children.  Dr. Tabick  affirms his belief in Divine Providence, "They're a beautiful family and they have a beautiful marriage. It's a miracle from the one above that she had children.  I can only be a messenger of health. G-d does the true healing. There is no other way that something like this can happen."

    Another patient, a chassidic young man, Moshe* who suffered from Crohns disease, had been his patient for a month, when a marital prospect from Tosh, Canada was proposed to him. The girl's family members had called Dr. Tabick to inquire his opinion if Moshe would eventually be able to provide for a family, and would he even have the health to build a family? Dr. Tabick responded, " he'll be fine in three months; he'll be able to provide and he will be healthy and well." 

     Moshe is fine today, and his colonoscopy and the blood works he took- which indicate inflammatory markers-  have since returned as normal.  For the first time since he was  twelve years old, Moshe has gained weight and color has bloomed in his face.  He used to sit in the corner of  Dr. Tabick's office looking pale and sickly, and today he's a vibrant, healthy young man. " Moshe's father came into the office, and placed his hand on my shoulder and gave me a blessing.  There is no greater reward than that," remarks Dr.  Tabick.  He adds , " And tomorrow night, Moshe is getting married.”


  His  Mission On  Mission  Tours 


    Dr. Tabick  refers to the four mission tours in which  he participated, in maintaining his vow to  'give back'  after he was personally helped by Brain Stem Specialty chiropractic. As part of his training to launch his career,  he along with a group of other brainstem chiropractors  traveled on four separate mission tours to  third world countries. They  rendered their services in those countries to the needy, targeting widows, orphans  and the  homeless at no cost to them.   Dr. Tabick personally treated  a  documented  collective total of   35,000  patients on those tours. Dr. Tabick has received several awards from the KALE network and Kale foundations for his efforts.

     Dr. Tabick cites an extraordinary episode of a particular mission, which underlined the impressive curative powers of Specific Chiropractic. While on tour in Russia, there had been a huge  line of patients snaking out of the treatment room and into the streets, who were  all waiting to see Dr. Tabick.  He was not informed of the case histories these patients presented with, for the group  of chiropractors  each tackled specific duties in order to see and many patients as possible.   One doctor took the patients' case histories, another  doctor performed a scan,  a third chiropractor did  the x-rays, and  Dr. Tabick  preformed the brainstem decompression.  It was after Dr. Tabick had instructed a middle aged Russian man to lie down on his adjustment table and adjusted that patient,  to his consternation, the patient  slid off the table and began screaming alarmingly.

      Dr. Tabick was apprehensive that he had "overextended his treatment and giving", and that he had mistakenly injured him. However, when the interpreters hastened over to assist  the Russian man,  they realized  that rather, a groundbreaking miracle had  occurred.  As it turned out, the man had been born deaf in both ears. Yet the adjustment that Dr. Tabick  administered,  had incredibly generated hearing in one ear for the first time in his life.

     That Russian patient who had never  experienced sound before, was now  hearing audible sounds  with which he was  not familiar. "One deaf ear remained, but one ear was  turned on," Dr. Tabick recollects. And how did that adjustment  facilitate that hearing? "I took the pressure off his brainstem and those auditory nerves  from the ear go right into cranial and sensory nerves, which is how his hearing was started.  Sometimes I still look at that video and see him and remember my reaction to him. I believe that man must be changed forever."

    Most of the needy people he treated on those mission tours were impoverished  because of their appalling impairments. In 1994, Dr. Tabick  toured at the Chernobyl Institute, rendering treatment, following the horror of the  Chernobyl nuclear reactor meltdown in the late 1980’s .  Dr. Tabick witnessed the devastating ravages of that nuclear meltdown when he treated  the young children of the victims who were exposed to the lethal nuclear  fallout, for these  children were born  without any immune system to fight illness. 

    ”These children had every disease known to mankind.  The spectacle of those children were heartbreaking. They were held  in stacked cages, children whose ages ranged  from newborn to two years old, and the people who attended to their needs wore white  spacesuits," Dr. Tabick grimly  relates. 

     "Those children never saw, or were touched by a human  being, because they were so diseased that no one would touch them. We went in there,  touched them, and held them.  We ministered to them.  I know we did something that day. I hope it changed them, but I know it changed me.  I  was humbled immediately, from seeing and realizing  His Hand at work, even when we don't always know why such things happen." 


    The miracle of  Abraham Eli


    Notwithstanding the abject adversity that he had witnessed on his past mission tours, Dr.  Christopher Tabick  gratefully reflects,  "We see miracles at this office every day." Indeed, a monumental  miracle that has taken place  in his office over the past three years, in the case of the young adult, Abraham Eli. Eli , was turning twenty years old when he was stricken with symptoms and diagnosed with  Progressive Degenerative Multiple Sclerosis (MS), the most severe form of MS. 

    Eli was interviewed personally,  for he determined to publicize his story to convey  the message of  hope that others like him can be helped by Brain Stem Specialty Chiropractic. 

    Eli began his story, "In 2010, on Yom Kippur,  on my  20th birthday,  I hurt my ankle,  and went to the emergency room of  Maimonides Medical Center." Eli  was  told by doctors in the ER that he had simply sprained his ankle, and was thereafter discharged. Yet, in a spiraling progression over time, an onslaught of bizarre symptoms were unleashed.

    Eli's eyes moistened  as he emotionally describes,  "I felt like I wasn't in control.  I couldn't get out of bed.  My legs felt like they were turning to jelly, as if  someone was pushing me. I felt like I was drunk without drinking, but with dizziness and vertigo. I couldn't walk a straight line.  My vision was affected; my right eye was blurry. My right hand  and leg were numb and tingling. It felt like it was full of sand, such as when the arm or  leg falls asleep." 

      What is Multiple Sclerosis?  According to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society,  There are four  varying types  of MS, which presents differently in each individual.  MS is a disease that involves an immune system attack against the Central Nervous System (CNS) which includes the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves.  The disease can be triggered by a genetic factor or any combination of environmental factors . MS is thought by scientists to be an autoimmune disease.

    As part of the immune attack on the central nervous system, the myelin -the fatty  substance that surround and insulates nerve fibers in the CNS,  is damaged or "demyelinated", as well as the nerve fibers themselves. The damaged myelin sheath forms scar tissue (sclerosis), hence giving the disease its name. When any part of the myelin sheath or nerve fiber is damaged or destroyed, nerve impulses, traveling to and from the brain and spinal cord  are  distorted or interrupted,  causing symptoms to occur.  

    Elli  began  a succession of visits to  several physicians, including Igor K, MD, neurologist in Brooklyn, NY , Dr. C, MD and a referring radiologist, Dr. P., MD, Dr.  A., MD and Director of the  Division of Neurology of Maimonides Medical Center, Marshall K. MD .   Dr. K. admitted Eli into the hospital where he was subjected to a battery of  neurological tests, including Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) testing. These tests confirmed  the diagnosis of MS, which Dr. K. and the other doctors all agreed upon.

    "The MRI of his brain  conclusively showed more than nine lesions on both sides of the brain, lodged in the 'corpus callosum',  the delicate  brain area which bridges the left to right side of the brain,  and the myelin was 'eaten up'"  observes Dr. Tabick, who reviewed  Eli's test results.

      The demyelination also traveled downward, for there was cervical, thoracic and lumbar demyelination  involvement, as well. "Eli's spinal cord was demyelinating," says Dr. Tabick.   He provides an apt analogy of demyelination, "It's like trying to run water through a hose, without an actual hose. Everything runs amok." 

     Multiple Sclerosis  destroyed Eli's quality- of -life, and he felt overwhelmed and scared at the unchecked surge of his shifting  symptoms. "I was extremely depressed. I was couldn't get out of bed.  All my friends were starting their lives and I was confronted with a huge challenge. I didn't feel like there was any hope for me."

     The doctors recommended that Eli take Copaxone injections, which would hopefully arrest the progress of the MS.  Nonetheless, they acknowledged its pitfalls, admitting that these injections wouldn't improve his circumstances, and moreover,  didn't even  know if it would help at all. The physicians said to Eli, 'this is what everyone is taking. It helps some patients, but doesn't help others.   "They didn't give me any hope," Eli remembers.   

    Eli Green, though, was not giving up so quickly.  He would not  adopt the  use of  a wheelchair, nor even that of a cane,  though his friends were suggesting he do that. He couldn't get out of bed , and couldn't stand- even though he  tried to push himself - and was constantly using the bathroom.  

    Nurtured by his close bond with his mother, Feigy,  who was always at his side,  Eli still felt like he was losing his friends, and equally disheartening, didn't feel any interest in seeing or talking to anyone.  Yet, Eli  continued to refuse the conventional medication and injections that were offered to him by his neurologists.

    Eli  recalls, "When I knew that the medicines could only halt the progress of the disease,  I started reading about natural cures. So I asked my mom, who was taking me to all different kinds of doctors, 'if there are lesions in my brain, let's go to the brain stem specialist. Take me to Dr. Tabick'."  

    Eli told his neurologists about his visits to Dr. Christopher Tabick, but they scoffed at him.  They were still  pushing their medicines, "and they would still be pushing them today," Eli says.  Despite his rejection of conventional medicine,  Eli still  continued  to undergo  MRI testing, to see how he was faring medically. 

    "When I first started with Dr. Tabick, he gave me hope, which I did not have prior to that," Eli says. Dr. Tabick  calmed me down, and encouraged me saying, 'We can beat this thing.  We can go places with this, and it doesn't have to be like this.' I was so excited to hear this because I was so scared. I  felt like I was in good hands,  that there is light at the end of the tunnel."

    As Eli  forged ahead with Dr. Tabick's treatments, after three to six months  Eli  discerned slight, but positive improvements that  eventually mushroomed over time.  He says, "I didn't feel like  I was being pushed anymore.  Whereas I wasn't able to walk more than a few steps previously, I  could now walk a block.  The numbness started to  go down, and the eye started improving."

    How does Brain Stem Specialty Chiropractic  enable healing from MS? Dr. Tabick explains, "for a healthy person the myelin on the nerve is being replaced daily. Normal myelination will show signs of wear and the body will replace it, for myelin regenerates.  The area of the body that regulates the regenerative process is the brain stem.  So if you have brain stem compression, that function won't work and it causes a problem. If we remove compression, we allow the body's ability to regenerate  and myelin will restore, whether the cause is triggered by viral or genetic factors, or an injury involvement. 

    "In Eli's case there was severe blockages to the brain via the brainstem which caused the MS. He lost that ability to regenerate and demyelination occurred. Once that blockage was removed, his body was able to regenerate, and therefore the lesions began to disappear. I didn't give Eli a single supplement or do anything to the brain. I removed the blockage from his brainstem.  Recovery is as simple as that." 


The visible results


    It took over two years until Eli Green saw dramatic improvement and was on the road to a full recovery. He attributes his success to his perseverance of his treatments with Dr. Tabick,  which also led him to incorporate good eating and disciplined exercise into his life.  "I used to weigh 130 pounds and I  regained some weight. I now weight 170 pound. This took over a period of two years."

    Eli revels in his  renewed health and shares, "I feel like I'm ninety-five percent cured and  I see the finish line. Today my life is awesome.  I stand, and I can play guitar and  go out with my friends. I love to dance.  I never thought I would walk again and today I dance!'

    The ongoing testing with the MRI provide credibility of Eli's recovery,  for his lesions have all disappeared. Eli's physician, Dr. K., is "in shock" that this has happened. He still refutes that Dr. Tabick enabled his recovery, and none of Eli's  physicians contacted Dr. Tabick  following Eli's dramatic return to health. Eli says,  "They attributed  my return to health as miracle.  They couldn't pin it down on  anything else, but I know the truth."

     Dr. Tabick counters, "It's probably the most honest reaction of a doctor who never sees MS healing.  The medical etiology is unknown so they don't offer effective treatment. And when they see something like MS turn around...  it doesn't make sense to them. The fact that the plaque was in his brain and spinal cord and is currently restored to normal is indicative of the body's inherent ability to heal itself. Which is what I've always maintained. Brainstem procedure offers hope where other methods have failed.” 

    Dr. Christopher Tabick addresses the skeptics who condemn or disbelieve his procedure for Eli, and similarly for other patients. "Doctors and patients don't understand what Specific Chiropractic is all about.  They don't know what this procedure has to offer- because they are ignorant about it. So they are skeptical of what they do not know. Medical doctors do not take any type of formal training in the field of Chiropractic. They are not taking the time to read the peer reviewed studies published by my profession.  However, Chiropractors receive hundreds of hours of medically based training while obtaining their doctorate degree.  We hope the truth will come out about Specific Chiropractic. Facts not hearsay.

            The purpose of publicizing Eli's story is to convey knowledge about Specific Chiropractic which will then promote greater understanding about its potential to restore health."

"This particular patient had a need to share his experience in order to help others, albeit  with the knowledge that there may be criticism to come from others. However, Eli is not our first  and only case of success with MS. In my five teen years of practice,  I've had several cases of MS that were successful to varying degrees. When it's a younger patient, it can be successful to the degree Eli is experiencing. An older patient's body is limited in its ability to heal after acquiring damage for so many years. A fifty percent improvement on an MRI for a seventy- year- old is phenomenal."

     Eli did not get any additional treatments more than his other patients. He received the standard protocol of a two - three times weekly adjustment, as do other patients in  Specific Chiropractic treatment.  Does Eli think his MS could recur, or is his return to health  an actual cure?   "I had MS," Eli stresses, "I do not have it anymore.  MS patients shouldn't feel alone, and I can tell them  from my experience that there is hope.  Things can change for people."

    Eli, whose spirits are soaring nowadays, exhorts others,  "Give Brain Stem Chiropractic a shot and give yourself a shot.  You'll feel  so much  better when you do. I got a second chance on life !”


For more information on “ Eli’s Miracle “ Call him directly at  ELI ABRAHAM - 347-831-9190  OR

Dr. Tabick 718.745.8177 - drtabick@gmail.com - www.drtabick.com - 6908 11th ave Brooklyn NY 11228

How it all started

Posted: February 25, 2014
By: Dr Christopher Tabick

by Rachel Isaacson


Dr. Christopher J. Tabick,  a licensed Specific Chiropractor, practicing in Brooklyn, New York,  is unique as only one of several practicing BrainStem Specialty Chiropractors in New York State, after  a confluence of personal factors galvanized him to initiate his  career, and his life's mission.  As a seventeen year old,  Dr. Tabick had survived a serious automobile accident  which resulted  in  a  head trauma injury, where he suffered severe headaches, neck pain and a cognitive inability to focus.

    Dr. Tabick candidly recalls, "At the request of a friend, I was recommended to a general Chiropractor in Long Island, and began to receive treatment for these conditions. After a two to three month period, I began to see substantial improvement. My treatment with the doctor was completed in a four month timeframe, and my symptoms cleared up entirely. Inspired by this, Dr. Tabick enrolled in Life Chiropractic University.  While at the university he met world renown Dr. Micheal Kale, a Brainstem specialist in the Science of Chiropractic, and began to receive Specific Chiropractic care. “But to my surprise, I was two months out of treatment when I realized I had reached a turning point."

    That  'turning point' proved a resolution to a disturbing medical condition with which he had been diagnosed by doctors at several stages in his adolescent years, indicating that he would be unable to biologically father children. To his delight, following the Brainstem Chiropractic care, he  discovered a serendipitous, yet unforeseen outcome of the  treatment he received,  for it remedied that distressful condition.  

     Dr. Tabick, who is the proud father of four children, underscores,  "I was diagnosed multiple times throughout my teenage life and I got the same response from several doctors, that I would not ever father children. Yet, although nothing else was done in terms of any other modality of treatment- not diet, nor medication-  after I completed the Brainstem care, I realized I was healed from my condition.  I knew at that moment that not only did I need to learn this Brainstem procedure, but I needed to give back to anyone in need of help." 

     His  epiphany would prompt him  to jump-start  his own career as a Brain Stem Chiropractor, a specialty likewise termed "Specific Chiropractor."