Meet Dr. Tabick

Dr. Tabick has been helping people find their way to wellness since 1994.  Teaching hundreds of Doctors the methods of Specific Chiropractic, patients have greater access to Specific Chiropractors. Dr. Tabick has travelled the world as an Ambassador of Health for Kale Networks and Foundation adjusting sick people in several different countries before starting his New York practice in December 1998. Dr. Tabick is one of approximately 800 practitioners of “Brainstem Specific” chiropractic in the world. His clinical experience includes caring for over 9,000 patients including over 195,000 patients visits.  He has received several honors throughout his professional service.  Recently Dr. Tabick was honored by the Rivkah Laufer Bikur Cholim. This prestigious award Doctor of the year award was presented “with great admiration” to Dr. Tabick to honor his “true compassion and kindness” and states that he is “someone who day by day utilizes his intelligence and skill to help so many." "His talent and good judgment lighten the burden of those in need.



  • Life University - Doctor of Chiropractic
  • Kale Network - "Brainstem Specialist" in the science of Chiropractic
  • Kale foundation - Ambassador of foreign mission 1994 - 1997
  • Doctor of the Year -  RIVKAH LAUFER BIKUR CHOLIM   - October 2010
  • Outstanding Leadership Award - Kale Foundation - 1999
  • Unending Commitment in Service award - Kale Network - 2002

Associations & Memberships

  • NYS Chiropractic council member since 2004
  • ANJC Chiropractic council member since 2010


Meet Our Staff

 Our staff is experienced and committed to promoting health with a smile.

      Jennifer Tabick

As our office manager as well as a Chiropractic patient of over 40 years, Jennifer is well aware of the many needs of our patients.  She is a vital link between the patients and the doctor.  While being responsible for many different tasks within the office, she adheres to the motto that the patient is the most important person in the office and will set aside any work when it comes to patient interaction.  She prides herself on caring and respecting the patients.  When you call the doctor's office, please ask to speak to Jennifer if you have any questions. 


  Hope Jennifer Tabick


Hope is a special member of the doctor's team as she has experienced the benefits of Specific Chiropractic from birth.  She works in the morning hours and assists the doctor as he is adjusting his patients.  Her smile and easy going personality really put the patients at ease.  The doctor treats all different aged patients, from the elderly to the newborn.  Hope is an extension of the doctor's hands as she makes sure that the patients feel comfortable.